39 Stay at Home Mom Apps To Make Life Easier (You Need These!)

It’s a fact that as mom’s we’re glued to our phones, even when we do our best not to be. But there are some incredible stay at home mom apps to help make your life easier or more enjoyable.

Money Making Apps for Stay At Home Moms

A lot of stay at home moms want to earn a little extra money while they stay at home with the kids. It could be to pay for fun activities for the family, to pay for self care or even to simply help with the household finances. The apps below are a great start for making money as a stay at home mom without actually getting a job or starting a side hustle.


Earn money by completing simple tasks in the app such as surveys, giving opinions, testing services, etc. You can redeem your credit rewards via Paypal.


Earn swagbucks for shopping, taking surveys, sharing feedback, etc. Swagbucks can be traded in for gift cards. Not quite cash, but still pretty good! – Sign up here for a 300 SB bonus! (Referral link)

Google Opinion Rewards

Answer quick surveys and get paid up to $1 for each one. Payments paid you via Paypal.


Sell your photos with this app! Have an eye for photography? You can sell your best photos in the Foap App and cash out to Paypal.

Money Saving Apps for Stay at Home Moms

Since most stay at home moms are in charge of the spending, these apps will help save your family money. There are a lot of similar apps in the money saving category so try a couple and keep the one that works the best for you.

Fetch Rewards

Upload your grocery receipts to this app to earn points that you can turn in for gift cards. You’re already spending the money, all you have to do is take a few minutes to upload the receipt to collect your points!

Sign up here to get $2 in rewards points when you scan your first receipt! (Referral link)


Earn cash back when you shop online or in store. You can cash out via Paypal.


Earn rewards and gift cards for shopping. Access exclusive deals and discounts just by walking into stores, scanning items or scanning receipts.


Get paid when you shop, eat and book hotels. Simply connect your credit cards and you don’t have to do much else! When you use your cards Dosh checks for available offers and automatically redeems them for you. You can get your cash back via bank accounts, Venmo, Paypal or even donate it to charity.


Earn cash back when you shop online. You can also find exclusive coupons and deals so make sure you check Rakuten before shopping at any website! Formerly Ebates.

Sign up for Rakuten here and start earning! (referral link)

Budgeting Apps for Stay at Home Moms

Keeping your budget under control and tracking your finances can be made much easier with these budgeting apps. Most of them are easily synced between multiple users so you and your partner can budget together.


Keep track of your balances, budget and credit score. You can also set goals and track your spending. One of the most hands off budgeting apps out there since you just link your bank and card info and it tracks everything for you.

GoodBudget Budget Planner

The perfect app for keeping track of your budget and sharing that budget with another family member. You can sync the info across different devices.


Budget planner and expense tracker that uses a zero-based budgeting approach. If you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey, this app was created by his team.

Health and Wellness Apps

As a mom it can be hard to set aside time for your own health and wellness. But making sure that you have even a few minutes to yourself each day can make a huge difference in your mental health, mood, stress levels and physical health. From 5 minute meditations to daily affirmations, put aside some time for you every day with these apps.


Mindfulness app that has guided meditations to help you calm your mind, stress less and sleep more soundly. You work hard for your family everyday, give yourself 5 or 10 minutes to decompress!

Daily Yoga

Guided yoga classes with plenty of free options perfect for beginner to advanced yoga practice.

Mantra – Daily Affirmations

What if instead of starting your day scrolling through social media, you spent 5 minutes looking at positive affirmations to start your day?

7 Minute Workout

Get in quick, 7 minute workouts! No more excuses for not having time to workout, mama. Do it for you!


Period tracker, ovulation and fertility calendar so that you can keep track of your cycle and symptoms.

Time saving apps for stay at home moms

If you’re looking to buy yourself a little extra time these apps will help you save time as a stay at home mom. 


Connect with skilled taskers that you can hire to take care of common tasks such as errands, delivery, shopping, cleaning, etc. so you can get more done!


Get your groceries delivered from local stores so you can spend your time doing other tasks. Tip: some stores charge a bit more via Instacart, but some charge their “everyday low prices”. Check different stores to see which works best for you.


Find a local babysitter by browsing your friends favorites or searching for your own and vet them with reviews. When you find one you can book and even pay straight through the app.

Stay at Home Mom Apps for Keeping Life Organized

Keeping things organized as a mom isn’t an easy task. Using an app to keep your family and household organized is a great start since most of us always have our phones handy. These apps will help with keeping track of grocery lists to digitizing your children’s school and artwork.


Family organizer to help manage everyday life. Schedules, grocery lists, meal plans, activities, to do lists, etc. plus you can sync with other family members. It’s basically your digital personal assistant.

Our Groceries Shopping List

Manage your family’s grocery shopping and sync with your family members so they can add things to the list on their own.


Organize and share your child’s artwork, schoolwork and family memories digitally and share with family members. You can also order prints, gifts and photobooks.


Sports team management app for coaches and organizers to keep your team organized. Easily gather information, sync calendars, track attendance, etc.

Apps for Connecting with Other Moms

If you want to find a way to connect with other moms in your area there are some local apps that can help you do just that. These are a few of the more popular apps for connecting with other moms.


Social media for your neighborhood. Find events, stay informed about what’s happening in your area and talk to neighbors. All neighbors are verified via address and go by real names.


Find other moms in your local area to meet up and chat with.

Shopping Apps

More often than not shopping falls to stay at home (and working!) moms. Here are some of the best shopping apps to save you time and money when shopping for your family.


Shop on Amazon, create wish lists and look up reviews. Even use this in store to compare prices and check reviews for products.


Order online or for drive up, check Circle deals to save when shopping at Target, check prices in store, etc. A must have for anyone who frequents Target (aka for all the moms).


If you’re a Walmart shopper this is the app for you! You can order groceries for delivery or pick up and other items from your local Walmart.


Get deals and discounts on products, local services, restaurants and even travel deals! Sign up here for some seriously amazing local deals. (referral link)


Shop for bulk groceries and household products and get them delivered. Free shipping and no membership fees!

Think Dirty

Scan products in store or search to learn about and avoid potentially toxic beauty and household products. It’s a good practice to scan all products, even those that look safe, before purchasing to see what toxins they might contain.

Meal Planning and Recipe Apps

Moms are just always cooking and preparing snacks, am I right? Here are some great apps for meal planning and finding/saving recipes.


View recipes with your personalized tastes and dietary needs, collect and organize your favorites and discover recipes you can make right now with what’s in your fridge.

Plan to eat

Meal planning app where you can import and save your favorite recipes, drag and drop plan your meals via a calendar and auto populate your grocery list.

More Notable Apps

These apps didn’t really fit in any of the above categories, but were definitely worth mentioning.


Find a public bathroom near you when you or your child really has to go and you’re away from home. Crucial app during those newly potty trained years!

Playground Buddy

Find playgrounds near you with their database of over 200,000 playgrounds.


Real time, location sharing app so you can keep track of family. You can even see what speed they’re traveling at and where they’ve been recently.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Use your devices as a baby monitor! Simply choose which device is on the child’s end and which is on the parents end. Easy!


A smart to-do list for managing your household cleaning routines to keep you on track.

Whether we like it or not, most of us do have our phones with us most of the time so making that work for us by utilizing helpful apps for stay at home moms can only help. What are your favorite apps for making your stay at home mom life easier? 

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